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Securing zippers since 2009!

Zuppies locks zippers in place!



Keep zipper up

Zuppies was designed to keep zippers up on jeans, shorts, skirts, slacks. Just slide it through the zipper tab and pull over the button or clasp to get on your way with confidence!

Maternity solution

Have a beautiful growing baby belly but still want to get more use out of your favorite non-maternity jeans! No problem, Zuppies can be used to extend the waist size on pants to give that little extra room!

Trouble with arthritis or other hand dexterity issue?

Zuppies can be used as a zipper pull for those who may have issues grabbing, holding and pulling small zipper tabs. Once Zuppies is hooked through the tab and over the button, the zipper can be pulled up and down by pulling on the pants themselves. No more struggling with the little zipper tab!

USA Made of American-made stainless steel, Zuppies are silver, strong and won’t rust on your clothing.

How to Use on Clothing

Tent Safety


Lock your tent with Zuppies! Your simple, strong and effective solution to tent safety!

Bedtime on the campsite? Have sleep walking children or just want to feel secure falling asleep with your most precious little ones inside?

Then Zuppies is for you!

Zuppies secures the inside tent zippers preventing them from being pulled opened from the outside. Zuppies also can provide a buffer of time if someone is sleeping walking and attempting to leave the tent in the middle of the night.

It is easy to remove. Zuppies unique hook shape does not latch or close off completely means it can be easily unhooked from the inside in case anyone needs to get out quickly.

Zuppies is made of American-made stainless steel, so is strong, durable and won’t rust. Given the pressure points on tent zippers, it does not bend or warp even when a lot of force is applied.

Zuppies Zipper Lock is the answer to keeping your family and loved ones safe in a tent.

How to Use on a Tent


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