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Single Pack

Single Pack

2 pack

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Bundle Buy

3 x 2 pack

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Family Pack

Family Pack

10 pack

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How to Use

1. Pull the two zippers together. Hold Zuppies upside down and feed the top of the hook through the lower zipper slider.

How to Use Zuppies - Pull the two zippers together
How to Use Zuppies - Feed the top of the hook through

2. Push Zuppies up as it naturally bends through the upper slider and secure vertically in place.

How to Use Zuppies - Push Zuppies up
How to Use Zuppies - Secure vertically in place

Works on all types of zippers:

How to Use Zuppies - Cord zipper tabs
How to Use Zuppies - Corner zippers

Sleep well knowing you have that bit of extra tent security!